Silver Challenge Award

Section A

1. To plunge dive into water of at least full reach depth;

2. To swim 100 meters in less than three minutes using any stroke. A change of stroke may
    only occur at the completion of a length of the pool;

3. To tread water for two minutes with one hand behind the back;

4. To swim 10 meters, followed immediately by two surface-dives into water of full reach
    depth, one head first and one feet first bringing an object to the surface on each occasion;

5. To skull head-first on the back for 10 meters and return by sculling 10 meters feet-first.
    A horizontal position must be maintained throughout.

Section B

5. To swim 800 meters: 400metres on the front and 400 meters on the back. A change of
    stroke may only occur every 50 meters;

7. To climb out at the deep end without assistance.